Our firm is dually defined by the prowess of our analytical technology and our investor-oriented culture

FIZYX Investment Group is an investment management firm led by Joel Klein, an industry veteran with two decades of experience in the equities markets


What gives FIZYX an edge is the fact that Joel has devoted more than 10,000 hours to stock market and economic research and has painstakingly analyzed stock market performance patterns going back to 1900.  His work is the foundation of our advanced Exponential Pattern Recognition (XPR) Technical Analysis.


Joel co-founded FIZYX in 2016 to put XPR to work on behalf of individuals and families with the goal of  helping them achieve long-term financial security and enabling them to optimize the many facets of their lives—time with spouses and children, education, health, chasing dreams and making memories.

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We’ve accomplished much

Our work has been recognized by major financial industry institutions and we have received awards for the excellence of our investment management.

When it comes to investment management,

consider these three facts…

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Every U.S. bull market has been fueled by a group of stocks that each grew at triple-digit rates, typically over multiple years.

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Research indicates that the psychology and behavior of investors that spark the exponential growth of these market-leading stocks has essentially followed the same patterns over and over again.

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Portfolio Manager Joel Klein has developed advanced Exponential Pattern Recognition (XPR) technology to identify these recurring investor patterns early on with unprecedented reliability.

If you’d like to learn how this results in a durable, repeatable investment edge that has historically been available only to large financial institutions, we invite you to learn about FIZYX and our XPR approach to investment management.